Hey friends!!  New website is fantastic but did lose our ability to blog.  So this will be our new site and hopefully you yogis will be able to see/hear/read all the things our Gotta Yoga family has to say…

Our last Blog page began with just a few of us talking about happenings at Gotta Yoga and ended with Shanna Small’s many ruminations.  Hopefully with this new Blog…we will be able to keep all of Shanna’s amazing information as well as add on many of our other instructor’s thoughts and feelings.  Hoping also to update with pictures/happenings and bios/testimonies of some of the incredible folks that walk thru our doors.

So with love I must go…wading my way always thru the new techno world … u must bear with me.  Imagine u will see Shanna soon with all her rockin words of wisdom…Peace out friends. k