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As temperatures continue to rise, we can gain from ayuveda’s teachings on how to adjust to the summer season. Ayurveda is translated as “the science of life.” Its overarching principle is that Like Increases Like. Therefore, if something is out of balance, Do the Opposite to restore balance.

Summer is the season in which we are vulnerable to Pitta Dosha imbalance. Represented by the Fire element, Pitta is easily aggravated by hot summer temperatures. In addition to heat, other potential contributors to Pitta imbalance are spicy foods, loud music, heated debates, brisk movement. Symptoms of aggravated Pitta may include heat rash, heartburn, irritability.

During this time of potential Pitta imbalance, to restore balance, we can benefit from yoga and lifestyle practices that Do the Opposite by introducing cooling, calming elements into our environment, diet, and yoga practice. The following are examples:
-slower movement, easier pace
-lots of forward folds
-supported and restorative postures; yin
-avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight
-softer music or pleasant nature sounds
-massage or self-massage with cooling oil, like coconut
-cooler showers and baths; cool compress
-cooling pranayama (nadi shodana; sitali)
-fresh, raw fruits and vegetables

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