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Whatever your background or current level of activity, Gotta Yoga is pleased to offer a yoga practice designed to meet you where you are. Our philosophy is “Yoga is for Every Body!” Read on to find out how to get started!

How will yoga benefit me?

Yoga reduces stress. Research abounds as to the benefits of yoga in reducing our stress levels. Specifically, your yoga practice can help you sleep better, decrease anxiety, lower blood pressure, build confidence, decrease cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and lead to a more balanced and relaxed overall way of being…just to mention a few!

Yoga helps relieve back pain. Yoga is an effective way to manage back pain, join stiffness, digestive issues, and a number of other conditions. As one Gotta Yoga student says, “Yoga makes everything work the way it’s supposed to.”

Yoga increases strength and flexibility. Some students come to yoga for the first time as their primary exercise practice, while others are athletes with an existing fitness regimen. The beauty of our yoga classes is that there is such a variety to meet the needs of different needs and levels. From increasing cardiovascular health to building core strength and stretching stiff or tired muscles, Gotta Yoga offers a practice for everyone.

Which class is right for me?

For brand-new beginners, we recommend Basics or Basics and Beyond to introduce basic postures and techniques that will serve as a foundation for students as they continue on into other classes.

Beginners Vinyasa is perfect for building on the basics, as foundational postures are linked together into a flow. This class is recommended as a transition from Basics to our Vinyasa classes.

Vinyasa Chill and Ease and Flow are appropriate for newer students who feel comfortable moving into a slower-paced vinyasa class that emphasizes breath-awareness and self-care. Long, Slow, Deep and Yin/Yang are wonderful options for all levels of students who wish to target flexibility and relaxation.

Keep in mind that all classes at Gotta Yoga are open to all levels, though the classes above are especially recommended for those beginning a yoga practice for the first time. Hot Vinyasa and Power Flow, for instance, will be stronger classes with increased physical and mental challenge. Check out our full class schedule and find the class that is right for you! 

 How do I know if I need a private yoga session?

Private yoga sessions are perfect for individuals who have specific health or medical conditions they would like to address through yoga. Our yoga teachers can tailor a private yoga session to meet your specific needs. You may also want to consider a private session or series of sessions if you feel intimidated by the class setting and feel more comfortable working one-on-one with one of our trained teachers. Find out more about one-on-one sessions here.

Another specialized type of private yoga is called Thai Yoga Therapy, and has been described as “yoga that is done to you.” In a Thai Yoga session, the participant lies down on a comfortable mat while the practitioner facilitates a series of range of motion movements and stretches. Learn more about Thai Yoga Therapy here.

Finally, if you need a little more information to get started, contact us! We look forward to welcoming to you the studio and meeting your yoga needs!