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If summer has you crazy with kids in the house, and you’re not able to come to the studio, you may be thinking that the next time you make it to your mat is in August.

Don’t let your mat collect dust just yet! Think about creating a home practice. It will be different than your practice in the studio, but not only will it keep cobwebs off your mat, you’ll be able to keep in shape, and keep your cool during the summer months.

I hear many yogis say that they just don’t know what to do when they’re at home.

So here’s some tips to get you rolling on your mat:

1. Find a space that is calming. Maybe wait until your kids go down for a nap (if they’re little) or go to another room while your kids are playing, watching a show. If you’re not able to find a calm and quiet space, your practice won’t be calm and quiet either!

2. Be your own teacher! Don’t get caught up in the poses. Just do what your body feels like doing! Maybe start with a couple of sun salutations and see where you end up. Just doing sun salutations is a GREAT way to start your home practice! Maybe it’s not the “normal’ flow you do in class, it could turn into more of a yin practice. Once you listen to your body, you’ll find that inner teacher you already have!

3. If you struggle with coming up with poses on your own, watch a YouTube video, or if you have access, Fit Tv for a yoga class. There are many websites you can watch a free yoga class, so you get the feeling of being in a studio, but at home. This is a great time to explore different teachers as well as different styles…who knows? Maybe you’ll find something new to spark your practice!!

4. 15 minutes on your mat is better than none! So even if you’re short on time, get on your mat and roll for as long as you can. Don’t let the “typical” class of 60-90 minutes prevent you from getting your practice in. Start with meditation, a warm up, and then sun salutations…you will feel a difference in your body and mind!

If you can, try to get a well rounded practice in, no matter what the length is! Here is an example to get you started!

5 minutes-Meditation & Breath Work

5-10 minutes of Warm Up-Think Cat&Cow, Spinal Balances, Core Work, etc

For your flow, begin with Sun Salutations, then head into the Warrior Series, adding things as you’d like. (Warrior 1 -> Warrior -> Peaceful Warrior ->Side Angle -> Triangle)

Get a Balancing posture in there (Tree is a great one, but also Warrior 3, Half Moon etc)

And then, start cooling down your body: Backbend, Inversion of your choice, twists (make sure you do both sides!), and then most importantly, give yourself time for at LEAST a 5 minute Savasana! If you’re missing the lavender washcloths from Gotta Yoga, make your own and place it over your forehead, and let out a deep breath. You did it!!

“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to discover who you are!”