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I’m normally not a fan of the rain, unless I have my protective gear of yellow rain-boots and an umbrella.

I like to stay inside and watch the rain do it’s thing, while I’m nice and dry, watching tv and being lazy.

It’s amazing, in its’ simplicity, that throughout history and
even now, water is the true source of cleansing in our world.

I have always been drawn to water. Specifically, the beach with the shores acting as of a
pendulum going back and forth. The water is a place that I can go to for peace, quiet and tranquility.

Instead of hiding from the rain inside
my house today, I felt the need to embrace the water pouring from the clouds in the sky.

I needed to be washed clean. Washed clean for change, washed clean for my life full of transitions that has been
plaguing me with anxiety for weeks.

I went outside, make up and all – clothes
on, and literally danced in the rain. I turned my head, up to the sky, with my
arms stretched outwards.

Sometimes you hide from the rain, but other times, you raise your hands
towards the sky, letting go of what has been holding you back.

And letting the universe wash over you, saying, “I got you.”