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BECOME A MEMBER!  You Gotta Yoga!

Thru January 31st $65 for the first month and $89/month for months 2-12.           

February 2013 this will increase to $99/month for one year.

Yoga for 3$ a Day!!!

We are in the midst of a changing economy, many of us refocusing on having more for less.  Many of us are beginning to realize caring for our bodies, our hearts and our minds allows the everday outside stressors to fall away.  We realize that less money for what you need allows for less stress, more time and more space for us to find JOY.  With membership allow us to provide all that you need to find your safe haven with no worres.


If you practice at least 2 times a week then Membership or Auto Renew is the most cost effective option even compared to many of our class series packages.  In addition, we offer 10% Members Only Discounts on Workshops and Teacher Trainings.

Your Questions??

How long do I have to sign up for?         We ask for a 12 month commitment.  You can cancel at anytime but we will ask for a 30 day written notice from your next billing cycle.  The cost for cancellation will be $89.

What if I travel for an extended amount of time during this year contract?         We will gladly place your membership on hold for 15$/month until you return and we see your smiling face once more.

How do I know if I am really coming enough to save money using Autopay?         If you attend class at least twice a week this is the most cost effective way to get your mat time.


  • 1 Class a Day
  • Free Mat and towel rental
  • MEMBER ONLY Discounts on Workshops and YTT
  • Easy monthly Autodraft…Leave your Wallet at Home!
  • $15 Freeze Fee for our frequent or extended travelers