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Vinyasa Krama: Flowing with Intelligence, Compassion and Truth 
with Jonathan Miles

Sunday, June 2 | 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Led by: Jonathon Miles, ERYT 200, Co-Founder, Project Yoga Richmond
Lake Norman Studio


Vinyasa Krama: Flowing with Intelligence, Compassion and Truth

Vinyasa means to move or place with intention. “Krama” is the intelligence behind that intention, and the purpose for why we choose to structure our practice in the way that we do. More and more we believe that by increasing the challenge, we increase the benefit. But how can we find our “flow” and yet honor the space we are in today? This class not only aims to help the student build ourselves physically, we will also learn to listen to the wisdom of our bodies and use the principles Ahimsa (non-harming) and Satya (truthfulness) to find our own “compassionate truth” in our practice.

Jonathan MilesERYT 200, Co-Founder, Project Yoga Richmond

Jonathan Miles (ERYT 200) is a passionate instructor. Each of his sequences is an invigorating blend, of philosophy, humor and a continuous effort to cultivate an indrawn awareness and focus on the body’s natural rhythm and patterns of breath. Students are skillfully guided through movements that build strength, courage and confidence. “I believe that life can be lived playfully and skillfully, with joy and passion and an unrelenting belief that we can achieve anything”