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We are 3 days away from offering a 21 Day Teaching Immersion at our Gotta Yoga University location. I always get childishly excited when we get ready to start another teaching journey. How lucky and blessed I am to do what I love.
Telling the story of how yoga found me is always a first day yoga teacher training ritual. I was 30 years old and just had my second child. I had been a runner my entire life and assumed that would pick up beating the streets as soon as I had that baby girl…after all, had done so after the birth of my son. The running did not feel good in my body so 6 weeks after Eliza was born I walked into my first power vinyasa at a local gym and was so hooked from that moment forward! I quickly developed a 2-3 x week routine of practice and returned super fast to pre pregnancy shape and even a new shape where my upper body, core and back were stronger.
And then there was Eliza…the 2nd child. I believe I knew in the threads of my spirit that something was very wrong during delivery and then holding her in my arms at birth. I also knew in the threads of my spirit that my oldest and youngest boys were perfectly healthy when placed in my arms. Its funny how we just KNOW things right?
By the time Eliza was 6 months old we had 7 specialists on board…she was not thriving, sitting up, cried constantly, could not roll over. Brain scans showed she was normal and yet hypotonia thruout was rampant. Genetics did not have an answer. We just knew we had a handful of different on our hands. Yoga became a place of refuge for me where I did not worry during this time…I was not afraid…I gathered strength and hope. Because off the mat….I was terrified, cried constantly and frustrated that there were no answers.
When Eliza was 9 months old we found out Aiden was in my belly. The husband was afraid…I knew this little boy was going to be healthy and good. I put my head down, practiced yoga, took Za to her appointments, played with Jake my oldest and trusted the Universe to help me be a good mama to 3 littles.
Yoga became my best friend…even my church. My church in the sense that this is where I could be in comfort, in knowing…again, fear seemed to fall away and I could foster peace. I could grow strength.
I love to flow thru Vinyasa…the effortless ease of gliding from one asana to the other with breath. On the mat I am graceful, a superhero with super powers. On the mat I know that I am a good mother, a good friend, and have an overwhelming capacity to love.
In the past few years more than asana – it is meditation that I need as much as I need sunshine. It does not mean that some days there is endless chatter and no clarity anywhere to be found. The meditation and head space is a constant practice where visualization becomes the very essence of my magic…or my super powers.
I teach because I have to. I believe in this path of yoga like I believe the sun will rise and the moon will wax and wane with its rhythms as old as time. Knowing that yoga and meditation has carried me through so many times…has stayed beside me like an old true friend…a mother wrapping me tight in her arms…a spiritual place that offers solace…If I can touch just one person and extend an offering that allows for this tool for peace…then I have made a difference in this precious life that I have been given.
I teach because I have to.