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Meg and her favorite yoga partner - Bodhi

Meg and her favorite yoga partner – Bodhi

If you’ve ever visited our Lake Norman studio, chances are you have seen Meg’s name on the class list and even had the privilege of taking a class from her. Meg teaches a variety of classes from Basics and Beyond to Gotta Stretch and Strengthen. Compassionate, caring, and genuine are just a few words to describe Meg. Get to know Meg in her own words:

What was your first yoga class as student like?

My first class was in the teacher ‘s home, there were no yoga studios around. I was curious and also a bit intimidated as I did not feel very graceful and all the yoga videos I had watched, all the practitioners looked so graceful.

Describe what it was like to teach your first class.

I was beyond nervous teaching my first class. I wanted to run out of the room and forget the whole thing. I really did want to be a teacher though, so I said a prayer and asked for help to be the best that I can be. Over the years I’ve come to realize that it’s not about me, but about what I can bring to the students. I always pray for guidance when teaching class and attempt to stay open for any clues /vibes  that would indicate what the class needed. The worst thing to teach with is the ego. I believe a good teacher puts the class first and not the teacher’s own agenda. There have been occasions where I have had a challenging class prepared, only to have first time students show up. My main purpose as a teacher is to make sure the student is successful (Rolf Gates’ teaching). Consequently, the class I had prepared gets tabled for another time.

What posture do you enjoy the most/least? Why?

I love all of the postures. I am very fond of the Warrior series – they are energetically so strong and empowering. I also love Trikonasana – it just feels like a great place to be and when I hold it for a while really practicing my Ujjayi breath, I can really get deep into the pose. A lot of my practice these days involves the other limbs of yoga. I strive to have a regular meditation practice and do conscious breath work (pranayama) daily.

Do you follow a specific diet or eating regimen?

I am a pescaterian which means that I do not eat any meat, but I do eat seafood. I also stay away from all grains and dairy for the most part, but I admit to a fondness for sweets which I do indulge in from time to time. Food has proven to be a great arena in which to practice brahmacharya (moderation).

What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss. It is a good account of reincarnation and spiritual matters.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I love all the people I teach and it is very rewarding to think that I have helped them to get a little closer to realizing the beauty that they are.

In addition to teaching yoga, Meg offers a variety of bodywork such as rolfing, massage, and cranial sacral therapy in the Lake Norman area. Check out her website to learn more. Meg looks forward to seeing you on your mat and helping you achieve the best in your practice – if you are lucky, you might get to hear about her four-legged companion, Bodhi!