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February is a month that honors many things – Black History, Women’s Heart Health, and Groundhog Day to name a few. February is also the month in which we celebrate Valentine’s Day. And whether you are looking forward to February 14th or think it is a ploy created by the greeting card industry, love is something we all need. It is essential to life. And not just the romantic kind of love – though that is wonderful – but the love we feel for our families, our friends, and mankind in general. Love is the thread that unites us all. So why not celebrate it?

During the month of February, you will hear a lot about love at GottaYoga. This month, we hope to inspire you to love yourself and love others. One of the best ways you can do this is to be present. You’ve heard it over and over again – show up on your mat. Your practice is a reflection of your life. If you focus on your breath and the posture, your practice will seem effortless and the rewards endless. But if your mind is racing and you’re worried about what posture is coming next, you will never find samadhi. That state of bliss and enlightenment. Similarly, you cannot experience the fullness of love if you are multi-tasking while talking to your partner, half-listening to what your kids have to say, or allowing your mind to wander while your best friend asks for advice. Love requires our full attention. Rather, it deserves our full attention.

So put down your phone, turn off the TV, take out your ear buds and be present for the ones you love. Sit down over your favorite beverage (hot or cold, alcoholic or not) and share stories. Go for a walk together and let your laughter float on the breeze. Just like your practice, simple adjustments can make a big difference and take you deeper into a posture. Showing up for the ones you love adds up in a big way. The rewards are worth the investment. Happy Love Month, ya’ll!