About Us…

Yoga is For Every Body!! Come enjoy and learn about your breath, your body, your beautiful spirit and leave with some PEACE!!

Life is an interesting mixture of responsibilities, concerns, needs, and demands that all pull and push at a person. A healthy yoga practice will enrich and enliven anyone’s daily life, even in the midst of all the chaos. Experience Gotta Yoga to discover a lightness of the mind, body and spirit! Gotta Yoga strives to provide a yoga studio that is open to Every Body. All ages, genders and experience levels are welcome!

Gotta Yoga provides a variety of yoga classes and instructors to offer cutting-edge yoga experiences that broaden the understanding of what it means to practice yoga.Classes offerered include Vinyasa, Hot, Vinyasa Chill, Long Slow Deep, Prenatal/Postnatal, and Yin. Additional services include Massage, Mind/Body Therapeutics, and Thai Yoga Therapy.

Gotta Yoga is grateful to operate two locations to serve both the University and Lake Norman yoga community. We look forward to meeting your individual yoga and wellness needs.

Gotta Yoga University Phone #: 704-688-7265
Gotta Yoga Lake Norman Phone #: 704-796-3608

Check out Gotta Yoga’s Website for more information!


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